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Get the skills required internationally of
control engineers,
data scientists,
software developers

Apply to the Nordling Lab

Work on challenging and life saving problems in
cancer research,
digital health,
big data,

machine learning

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No matter if you want to build a medical device, a jet engine, spacecraft, iPhone App, or develop a new drug, data analysis and software development are crucial. Every student working in my lab will know system theory, data analysis, or programming well upon graduation. This means that every student will have the crucial skills to work as a data scientist, software developer, control engineer, or researcher internationally. Currently, data scientists are the most sought skill in the USA. If the 19th century was the century of steam and mechanics, the 20th the century of electronics and physics, then this is the century of data science and biology. I would like you to check the following things, which all are closely related to the research in my lab:

-       Big data,

-       Internet of Things,

-       Digital health,

-       Systems biology,

-       Machine learning,

-       Data scientist,

Contrary to most labs where each student work alone on his project, all students in my lab will work together in groups of two or three to learn from each other, have more fun, and make better progress. At the same time it is good preparation for how projects work in the industry. In my lab I am trying to maintain Swedish standard to the degree it is possible here in Taiwan. All work is in English in order to prepare each student for an international career. I have good connections, in particular, in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Italy, where I have worked or studied previously. So every student that does an excellent Master's thesis and want to do a PhD or an excellent undergraduate project and want to do a Master in Europe will get help to do so.


I am an Assistant Professor in the System and Control division. I obtained both my PhD in Automatic Control and my MSc in Engineering Physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. My research is focused on data analysis and mathematical modelling for medical applications, in particular, identification of gene regulatory networks and biomarker discovery for cancer treatment. I want to apply my strong knowledge of systems theory, system identification, mathematics, and engineering to make the world a better place where people live healthier. Currently, data analysis is the key to deducing new knowledge from the large amounts of genetic, health, and medical data that is being generated. I also work on data generation using smart phones, sensors, and biological experiments.


I am currently looking for talented students that want to work hard to make the world a better place. A range of different projects are available, starting from micro projects taking two days to one semester undergraduate, Master thesis, PhD, and PostDoc projects. The current projects are either focused on analysis of cancer data, software engineering for data analysis, data visualization, or Android/iOS App building, control design, or design of mechanical devices.


Please inform me of your interest by filling out the following form (non-binding):

In the form, please, indicate which of the following types of projects/work that you are interested in:

-       Micro project (two days or one weekend, app. 16 h)

-       Mini project (1 day/week for 1-2 months, app. 36-72 h)

-       Winter break project (5 days/week for 2 weeks, app. 80 h)

-       Summer break project (5 days/week for 2 months, app. 320 h)

-       Undergraduate project (1 day/week for one semester/18 weeks, app. 144 h)

-       Extensive undergraduate project (5 days/week for 3 months, app. 480 h)

-       MOST undergraduate research grant project (paid 8 month project)

-       Master thesis project (5 days/week for 6 months, app. 960 h)

-       PhD project (paid 5 days/week for 3-4 years)

-       Temporary assistant (paid 120-150 NTD/h)

-       Part-time assistant (paid 5000-6000 NTD/month 8-10 h/week)

-       Full-time assistant (paid 5 days/week)


Please apply by, in addition to filling out the interest form, writing (max. one A4 page in English) about what you today know about:

-       data analysis (e.g. system identification, modelling, statistics, machine learning),

-       systems theory (e.g. automatic control, machine design),

-       programming (e.g. C, Java, Python, Matlab, R, HTML), and

-       biology (e.g. genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, cancer, medicine),

and how data analysis, systems theory, and software development would advance your future career and bring you closer towards you dream in life.


Torbjšrn Nordling, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Cheng Kung University
No. 1 University Road, Tainan 70101
ME building, 7th floor, office 91715

Phone: +886 (0)6 275 7575 Ext. 62164


吳馬 博士

電話:   06 275 7575 62164